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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the deal donald trump just struck to keep american jobs in the united states. a local fire chief in trouble because of clothing purchases. why town officials say they know he used taxpayer's money. >> the health and safety issues they have with their own police station. >> announcer: complete news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. on november 30, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. a damp but dry start to the day, but don't put the umbrellas away just yet. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center. sarah, you are tracking more rain coming in. >> sarah: you are saying hey, waking up dry, not wet from yesterday's rain, but another round of heavy rains headed our way later on today. this morning temperatures range from the upper 30s to 50 in places like brockton. remember typically right
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average in many spots this morning, and with that. , we also have areas of fog developing down across the south coast and cape and islands. down into boston a mile visibility. bedford, lawrence, beverly down under a mile and then out to the north and west through the connecticut river valley where we are seeing dense fog and continue to do that through the morning. as the fog should break from 8, 9:00, maybe breaks of sunshine before the clouds thicken up. the heavy rain moves in coming up in a couple of minutes. now a check of traffic with julie grauert. >> julie: early and things moving nicely on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia. pike open into the alston-brighton areas. no issues route 1 or 93 south. 9 minutes on the expressway. 23 minutes on 93 south. 11 minutes on 128 north as you approach the weston tolls. following developing news in taunton where police are searching for a driver who hit
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didn't stop to help. when police arrived at the scene around 8:30 last night, they found a man lying in the road and his leg was seriously hurt. doctors treated him at a rhode island hospital. we are working to get more information from police on the car involved. this morning more than 20 people are without a home after a massive fire ripped through this triple decker yesterday afternoon. it happened on east lawrence and prospect street in lawrence. a mother and her 5-month-old baby were inside sleeping until their door. a fire fighter and a woman was taken to the hospital to get checked out. investigators are working to see what started the fire. donald trump making good on one of his campaign promises. the president-elect struck a deal with carrier an air conditioner company to keep. factory in america. he promised to keep american jobs from fleeing to mexico.
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trump and his vice president-elect will be in indiana tomorrow for the official announcement. meanwhile, trump is continuing to fill positions in his cabinet. sources close to the from process, will have steve nunchin as his treasury secretary. he was his campaign finance chair and deep-rooted ties to wall street are a point of concern for those hoping that trump will financial industry. the official announcement. elaine chao for transportation secretary. she served as transportation. she is married to mitch mcconnell. and trump has officially selected georgia congressman tom price for health and human services secretary. price is an orthopedic surgeon and a leading critic of obamacare. former massachusetts senator mitt romney had dinner with the president-elect in
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weeks of speculation of romney getting the nod of secretary of state in donald trump's administration. afterwards, romney spoke outside with a message very different than the criticism we saw during the campaign. >> i have to tell you i have been impressed by what i have seen in the transition evident. the people he has selected as members of his cabinet are solid, effective, capable people. >> daniel: also on the short list of secretary of state, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and retired general david petraeus. public hearing is set to discuss allegations that the fire chief misused public money. fox25's michael henrich is live there this morning. michael, the charge is using the department's clothing allowance to buy women's clothing. >> reporter: not only accused of using his clothing allowance of buying women's clothing but accused of covering it up.
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arraigned on charges of fraudulent claim by an employer, larceny and making false claims to the police. the board of selectmen say a recent audit of the fire department raised red flags and according to south coast today, investigators say roderick submitted multiple invoices for women's clothing in september. on one invoice about a new coat, they claim he used whiteout on the word "women's" and hand wrote the word men's. the paper reports roderick told investigators he bought the women's clothes because they fit him better after his sig significant weight loss. the selectmen board chair say a public meeting is scheduled for the taunton hall behind me at 11:00 this morning and he hopes that roderick's employment fate is decided before then. live, michael henrich, fox25 news. a wareham man is accused of intentionally crashing his
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together. the crash happened in the miles standish state park in carver. jordan perry's blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when he smashed into a large rock. none of the four people in the car were seriously hurt. this morning, we are waiting to learn the identity of a bicyclist hit and killed on a highway off-ramp. the 50-year-old man of was wearing a electric bike from the walk when he went on to the road. when a flat-bed truck hit and killed him. the driver didn't realize at first that he hit the man but did stop and cooperate with their investigation. 4:36. a day care has been shut down after a 3-year-old boy was found wandering alone on a busy street. robert goulston went to lee, new hampshire where he tracked down the boy's mother. the 3-year-old boy walked away from the his angels learning academy in lee, new hampshire. a driver stopped after seeing
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basketball. his mother who did not want to go on camera says her son has down syndrome so cannot communicate easily. the child walked down the dead-end street on to this busy street and found walking up the on ramp to this busy highway. the day care voluntarily closed after the incident, and the day care never told her even when she picked him up. the owner called the ex-husband saying the boy was a safety con couldn't take care of him anymore and they didn't get the full story until police called. they say the road was treacherous. >> cars go fast exceed 60. >>reporter: the company that oversees day care is investigating. the man that found the boy said when he alerted the day care they said nobody had been missing. >> he had been missing for quite an amount of time for that to happen. >> reporter: 30 families were left scrambling looking for
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tuesday with families not knowing what to do. >> reporter: a nearby day care helps nine of the 30 families and unclear how the child got out. >> i will tell you she served the community. she lives in the community. she is an amazing mom. >> reporter: one action the state could take is pulling her license permanently. in lee, new hampshire, robert goulston, fox 25 news. worcester police are looking for a man that robbed a livery driver by holding a need toll it happened sunday afternoon on elm street. when the passenger pulled out the needle and demanded crash the driver jumped out of the car that crashed into another car. they are still looking for the suspect. local police officers formed a picket line to protest their own building. kerry kavanaugh went in the building to see the conditions that the officers say was unsafe and unhealthy. >> the one they talk about the mold issue. >> reporter: molder and missing ceiling tiles, delap
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doors propped open by a can of raid. >> this is the elevator lobby. >> we use whatever space is available. >> reporter: problem at the police station aren't just cosmetic. >> a health, safety and wellish issue. >> reporter: the building is 50 years old and they have outgrown it and real safety issues here as well as. >> i am always looking up whenever i hear a door. >> reporter: there is no barrier between the front door. and officer waylan said female officers don't have a place to shower. >> many a time i had to go home to shower or clean up, either from bodily fluids or pepper spray. >> female employees put locks on the door but it doesn't shut right. >> reporter: all the women share this bathroom that they have nicknamed "the closet."
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a gym is not better. the mayor held the position for 11 months and believes that the administration will find funds and prioritize getting the medford police a new facility, but he understands why his officers are fed up. >> you look around to other communities close by and you see brand-new facilities that are popping up left and right and they say why not us. >> reporter: a group of those officers gathered outside city hall sending a strong message "enough is enough" and want the mayor shares the concerns and they will send in a cleaning crew, replace those broken window and turn a trailer in the parking lot as women's locker room as they look for a new facility. we will keep track. kerry kavanaugh, fox25 news. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. your drive time on 93 south. 20 minutes ride from 49 in andover to the zakim bridge. sarah? >> sarah: temperatures
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50s. a few breaks in the klouvrts before the rain moves back in.opinioned. and we will be having the latest timeline when the heavy rain arrives coming up in just a few minutes. a woman uses a pipe, a board even a windshield wiper to vandalize a car for six hours. coming up, what people passing by did instead of calling
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the sound of the weekend.
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if 100 years residents have gathered at the heart of exeters to honor the passage of a holiday tradition they say is essential to the fabric of revolutionary rifles, the memories are long and so are the traditions. >> the lights in this town are so integral to the whole holiday season. >> reporter: every november hundreds of volunteers wrap trees in lights and string fresh evergreen branches that crisscross the downtown street. the holiday lighting and parade that following is what every child here dreams of. >> we enjoy that a lot, yes.
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lots of memories. >> reporter: but all this tends to be snuffed out after the town's energy provider unite l told officials that the wiring on utility poles are aged and frayed and holiday lights will be too dangerous. >> an old system. a safety issue and we all truly understood that. >> reporter: director was crushed to tell town leaders that the streets would remain dark this christmas. but then a glimme >> members wanted to see a miracle. >> reporter: they hope to work with the town to do emergency repairs for a temporary fix. >> i don't think anyone involved wanted to see the lights off. >> reporter: beth says she know it is could be a long shot, but even she is not too old to believe in a bit of christmas magic. >> a minor miracle but still one that this town really needs. it needs to celebrate, to
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>> reporter: town officials say if that work is successful and they can get something accomplished in the next two days, they may be able to have the ceremony if they postpone it by a day or two. in exeter, kathyrn burcham, fox25 news. a controversial plan to bring new to gillette stadium. to add four lines to gillette stadium. it will run along a line of tr freight trains. like previous plan it is could run into opposition from those who live close to the line. >> no the matter how many train stations you put out if they can't be on time and reliable that people with count on, people will not ride them because they have to get to work and get home. >> julie: the state will gave plan to walpole. robert kraft's company has pledged money to operate them.
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unless it is approved by the town of foxborough. mayor marty walsh says they will be meeting with mbta officials to get an update on winter preps after red line trains run between braintree and jfk reported delays because of residual dew that froze on the rails. this weekend shuttle buses will range from braintree to quincy adams while more prep is being done. grocery shopping may be getting more expensive in debating whether to add $.05 on every bag. it is to encourage to use reusable bags. brookline, cambridge and other towns have passed bag bans. boston city council will discuss it today. >> the ice bucket that helped start the als ice bucket challenge is hanging the smithsonian. the bucket is on display as part of an exhibit showing how philanthropy has influenced the country.
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frates about the honor and they told us that it will help keep the movement alive. it has helped raised 100 million for als research. 4:47. we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. things are moving along route 93. what you have to watch out for is a little bit of fog. i am advising people to leave 10, 15 minutes if you can and keep it slow. the expressway looking good from the braintree split through naponset. to the tobin. 23 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on the pike approaching mass ave. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear. sarah, you are saying once that fog burns burns off into rain later and the next few days. >> sarah: may be a glimmer of sunshine but will be short-lived. >> daniel: we will look for it. >> sarah: look for it because by this afternoon and this evening more heavy rain headed this way.
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last day of november, and we are ending this month below average. we need another two inches. i do think we are going to see some rain this afternoon and into the evening. it just -- we are going to have to watch how much we get. could be anywhere from a half an inch to an inch in spots. the fog is the story this morning. that's what you need to be watching out for through westerns parts of the state. the rain will be another big concern especially later today. and a few storms in here, rumble of thunder overnight for areas south the pike. rainfall forecast. here it is over an inch in many spots with any thunderstorms that could produce heavier rain out there and will be thunderstorms down across parts of the gulf coastal states. tornado watch extending from louisiana all the way to tennessee as well as georgia, but noticing this batch of rain. this is our next rainmaker later on today, but ahead of it, we have got breaks in the cloud cover but also very
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quarter of a mile in spots like portsmouth, lawrence, some improvement and not seeing much improvement in places like orange. boston, the temperature 43 degrees. starting off on the milder side and as we head into the day, the temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. could see a break in the cloud cover before the clouds thicken back up this afternoon and sure enough, that steadier rain moves on in. i want to show that you timeline. futurecast going through the temperatures still in the 30s to the 50s. i can see a few breaks out there across the south by 9:30. then we get toward your lunch hour. the clouds thicken up. may see an isolated sprinkle or shower but best chances during the afternoon and by that evening commute temperature in the 40s and steadier rain. jason brewer will be here tracking that heavier rain that will continue during the evening. if you have evening plans right around 8:00 where you have the oranges, reds and
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continues until 10:00 tonight and as you wake up tomorrow morning. if you are an early morning commuter, be aware 5:00 in the morning while it is mild, the threat of heavier rain. late morning commuter by 9:00 looking at improvements. tomorrow, temperatures still staying above average into the 50s. typically upper 40s this time of year. that's what we will get back to with clearing skies. a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures a bit cooler into the 40s and tracking another system that could potentially bring a wintry into monday. over to you. a local mom accused of murdering her two infants is trying to get evidence into her home thrown out. why her attorney said the horrib [ bell clangs ] celebrate the holidays with delicious dunkin' coffee. stop by dunkin' donuts for two k-cup boxes for $15.99 or 3 pounds of packaged coffee for $19.99.
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be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. espressos, and donuts. 24 hours a year, fire fighters keep us safe. and sometimes providing that safety involves heroic acts. fox25's elizabeth hopkins takes us to worcester where the fire fighters of the year were honored. >> reporter: it's rare to get this perspective, to see an emergency the way fire fighters see it. fox25 covered this weymouth fire in may. the video we obtained showed just how intense the rescue was. fire fighters gary walsh called the circumstances a close call. >> the smoke was back down to
4:55 am
front of our face. and we heard a woman say "help me, help me." >> reporter: from the outside you see how violent the fire was. a rescue that proved to be the most extreme circumstance of walsh's career. >> i reached out and felt her shoulder and arm and pulled her close to me and realized she had a baby with her. >> reporter: walsh took out his own mask to put it on their faces and he brought them to safety. he was honored for his her heroics, from scituate to swansea recognized for their bravery and nominated for fire fighter of the year. for many fox25 had a first-hand view of some of these very close calls. in lynn fire fighters risked their lives to save dozens of people in a december fire that claimed four victims. in january, these flames trapped a saugus fire fighter who was i believe to escape. so, too, were the family given back an heirloom pulled from the ashes by the department.
4:56 am
different cloth. >> one thing i know about this community, these are professionals and well-trained ones. >> reporter: sentiments echoed by walsh. >> firefighters year -- >> you sign up for the job because when somebody calls for help, you want to be that person who can be there to help them out. >> reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox25 news. >> daniel: great story. a los angeles woman is undergoing a psychiatric evalue ration this morning after police say vandalized a car for six hours. take a look at this video showing the act. the woman used a pipe, a piece of wood and even a windshield wiper to destroy the vehicle. you can see people stopping to take pictures of instead of calling police. well, a business owner finally called police eventually and took the woman into custody. the car's owner said she parked in front of her friend's house thanksgiving night and the next morning found it vandalized and destroyed. >> i am angry. i am hurt.
4:57 am
and at the same time, i understand that she has a mental problem. >> daniel: that woman says what makes this even worse is she lost her job and only has a liability insurance. families forced out of their homes as flames tear through a triple decker. you can see the flames in the video.
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mmm... i can't believe it's so delicious. i can't believe it has
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made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. oh, it's real. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. go ahead, enjoy. developing now at 5:00, a man was found lying in the street with a serious leg injury. the hunt this morning for the person that left that man bleeding in the roadway. several people without a
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how a teenager alerted a mom and baby about the fire and got them out safely. coming face to face with another potential natural disaster. the overnight storm that forced evacuees to take cover. >> gene: good morning, everybody -- oh, my goodness, pardon me. 5:00. appreciate you being with us. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: are you okay. >> gene: i don't know. i will check on that. and breaking weather news. at least three people are dead as strong and fierce storms swept across alabama. three children were hurt when the 24-hour day-care center they were in was destroyed. >> gene: the same storm system will be coming our way. won't be as severe. sara underwood is in the weather center -- sarah wroblewski is in the weather


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